Introducing Hysterical Mitch 

Mitch is no ordinary bloke. He gets pissed off and burnt out easily over tiny teeny bits of incidents that happen daily. Those little things trigger his nerve mines almost instantly, thus making him unleash waves of extreme violence in rage and absurdity.  

He hates getting barged in streets and being overtaken dangerously on the road without a signal light given. He once clubbed his old boss to Elysium because he got tired of being told to cook sausages as he had been doing so ‘’every fucking day”. Mitch refused to accept conformity to brand worshipping, vanity and false manners created to presume normality and righteousness. Therefore, His former associate backstabbed him. For that very reason, Mitch beat him to a pulp.

The hysteria created by Mitch is not only driven by rage but also extreme felicity. One day he was so hyped over a song, SoulCircuit’s Rolling With Me (I Got Love), he ran off to the street and smashed a random passerby with no reason at all. As the poor fella lied half dead by a pole, Mitch grooved away in his own maniacally jolly spirit.

Nobody knows where Mitch comes from but we do know a vague backstory about him. He used to fight in the great war, putting his born ‘’talent’’ to good use which would explain his inhuman strength and extreme aggression. 

He exists in many other parallel universes, too. In one, he is cloned to millions as the perfect soldier gene to form an intergalactic army. In another, he is a notorious warlord tearing people to pieces in an extraterrestrial arena as monsters and fearsome warriors alike cheer his name. There is a rat always following Mitch, too. His name is Rat. No one knows whether he’s Mitch’s pet or his mate, but what we do know is that he is very close to him.



Mitch is fury.


Mitch is rebellion.


Mitch is transcendence.

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